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About me

I'm Peter and I'm a

I graduated as Economic Informatics. I created my first website at the time. Later, I started working on application development. First I created apps for Android system and later for iOS system. I have always been interested in design too. Therefore, I learned to use the following programs: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator. Later I started dealing with videos. I mastered the use of the following programs through courses: Premiere Pro, After Effects. I am currently studying programming in my free time.

My skills

My portfolio


My image portfolio.


My video portfolio.


My petor website.

Android App

My Android apps portfolio.

iOS App

My iOS apps portfolio.


SEO analysis + Link building

My skills

My creative skills.

You can see my skills here. I understand the following programming languages: HTML and CSS. I am currently learning JavaScript program language. For graphic works I use Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator software. For video cutting and editing, I use the following programs: Premiere Pro, After Effects.

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HTML 90%
CSS 70%
JavaScript 30%
Photoshop 90%
Illustrator 80%
InDesign 70%
Premiere Pro 90%
After Effects 90%

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